Pic of my 1967 Fastback

About my Site

This website is being developed by a buddy of mine (Joe) as part of a class project. The intent of this site is to show some of my vehicles and the things that I have done to them. It may be "rough around the edges" because it is a work in progress and is constantly evolving. Take a look around my site and using the response form, let me know what you think.

"1967 Fastback"

We picked this shot for the main page because it just looks so darn good - plain and simple. Maybe you recognize Mt. Rainier in the background? This is my 1967 Mustang Fastback which is sitting in my garage and is in need of a restore. I've owned it for the past 20 years and it has been garaged for most of its life. When I started to restore the dash and interior, I discovered that the car had been in a pretty good accident sometime in its life. It will be restored and repaired with a Mustang II front end kit and modern braking. The original color will be retained as well as the original interior. I am not sure of the engine and tranny combo as of yet - I may go with a carbed 5.4L DOHC Navigator engine and TKO 5 speed. The current motor is 18 years old and is very strong but does not like todays gas.

Pic of my 2000 GT

My 2000 GT

I bought this car brand new and immediately set out to upgrade its performance. For information on the modifications see the technical specs page. The original GT motor is gone and is replaced with a 2001 Cobra crate engine. The combination is quicker than I thought it would be - a pleasant surprise. It hits hard from 4000 RPM and up ... it seems to want to rev forever. The car seems fast and when the power band hits, it is hard to keep it in a straight line - I love it! I don't have any track times yet but I am hoping for low 13's or high 12's in its stock Cobra engine form. I have seen mid 12's from fellow motor swappers. Time will tell though and I will chronicle my progress with the car.